BootsnAll Article: “Travel is Not a Contest”

Indie travel website BootsnAll has an inspiring article on Slow Travel from 2012. It’s called Travel is Not a Contest (& Other Reasons to Embrace Slow Travel) and it touches on many things that make Slow Travel worthwhile:

So much of modern culture pushes us at a frenetic pace. Americans seem to be the worst of the bunch, with 30% of people not taking their allotted vacation time and 37% not taking more than a week a year. For the rest, a sad 33%, we tend to vacation the same way we live: at warp speed with emphasis on performance and “box checking.” Hence, the proliferation of tours that cram three countries and five cities into two weeks and keep travelers moving on an itinerary that feels like anything but vacation.

Sure, they get home with a lot of nice pictures, but have they accumulated much else in terms of experience, depth or personal growth?

The rest of the article is excellent and highly recommended.

Travel is Not a Contest (& Other Reasons to Embrace Slow Travel

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Daniel is a writer, backpack foodie, slow traveler, and endurance runner. He is the author of the upcoming book, "The Way of Slow Travel: A Hands-On Guide to the Best Travel of Your Life."

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