Travel Moments

5 Things I’ll Miss About Oaxaca (and Some I Won’t)


I’m about to pack my backpack after living in the city of Oaxaca for eight months. Helene and I arrived here shortly before Día de Muertos in 2014, and initially settled in the Centro, before finding a cozy apartment a short walk ...

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Busan to Khon Kaen, In-Between Lives

Last time I wrote about life abroad on this blog, I was talking about Korean corpse soup. Now I’m putting up articles about visa runs to Laos. What gives? A lot has happened since I last blogged, so I’ll try ...

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Anyone for Corpse Soup?

In my blog post last week, I tried to explain how I often end up genuinely enjoying “weird food” in countries where I stay a while. I was reminded of this at lunch today, when I felt a craving for cheonggukjang, ...

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The Perfect Cinema Experience

Pacific Rim! Or maybe I should say, Peoshipik Rim (퍼시픽 림). I’m a huge kaiju fan, so I made a point to see it on opening day here in Korea. Gone are the days when I had to wait months before ...

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Idiot’s Ramen

There’s one persistent risk with living in a foreign country: sounding like an idiot. That’s essentially what my friend Stephanie told me when I told her I wanted to go live in China, back in 2002. “Living abroad,” she said ...

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