The Backpack Foodie

The World, 2009-2011: Helene and I sold everything we owned, and in September 2009, we hit the road. The result was a year-long Slow trip filled with wonders, friendships, and delicious meals. Somewhere over a cup of coffee, the Way of Slow Travel was born.

The Rice People

In Chennai, South India, the Tamil reinvent rice into a variety of delicious, healthy dishes.

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Debu Takes His Time

A visit to the exceptional Honey Bee Bakery & Pizzeria in Puri, India, where time slows down.

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I’m a Travel Blog Dork!

A big thank you to the awesome Off-Track Planet for making me an official Travel Blog Dork! I am honored by the title, and immensely flattered by their words.

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The Milk Alchemist

Learning to make ghee and Indian sweets with Manick, a tea stall owner in Kolkata, India.

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Life in Exuberance: Kolkata Moments

First impressions of Kolkata, India, in the form of one-paragraph short stories.

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