China Moments

Shanghai, 2003-2006: In early 2003, I quit an IT job to follow my dreams of living abroad. Fortune smiled on me, and I landed my first job in the videogame industry at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio. China Moments, my first blog, documented my first expatriation experience and my obsession with the craft of videogames.

An End And a Beginning

Helene and I are now in Montreal, dazed and slightly jetlagged, now trying to figure out our next steps: finding an apartment, getting back in touch with friends, figuring out where 3 years in China leave us back home… And ...

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The Last Night

This is it. My last post as a resident of Shanghai… at least for the time being. Tomorrow at 10 AM, our landlord comes around the apartment to take care of the minutiae of final checkout. Then, with our suitcases ...

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Splinter Cell Double Agent Has Gone Gold

Aaah, the sweet moment we expect throughout the entire production of a videogame… Splinter Cell Double Agent X360 has now gone gold and is now being manufactured for distribution. This means it will hit the shelves on October 17th in ...

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Of Uni and Onsen

Hello from Tokyo! Two weeks into our Japan trip, I have to say, Helene and I are having an absolute blast. We started out in ultramodern Tokyo, enjoying cozy little bars in Shibuya, and late night izakaya rampages filled with ...

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Endings and Beginnings

Two days more to go, and Helene and I are finally on vacation. For me, it’s also the end of the road at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio – at least for the near future. I’m checking out tomorrow, turning in my ...

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