Darth Poutine

Tonight is Geek Night! Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith opens up in Shanghai at midnight. I’ll be sure to post impressions in the following days.

Inexplicably, the movie tonight is a double feature: the theater where we are going is presenting a French movie called Double zéro before the main feature. You’ll notice said French movie has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars, much less SF. Worse, it’s dubbed in Mandarin; good for language practice (and we might go just for that), but little else…

Anyway, as part of a surreal prologue to the evening, a bunch of Québécois and myself will first go to an American restaurant in Gubei, called Moon River Diner. Our intended dinner: Poutine!! Don’t look for it on the menu, though; the owner made it for us last time, after I carefully explained to him the intricate steps of making the Québec national dish (“Put fries, then cheese, then some more fries, then hot gravy. It’s important to melt the cheese with the gravy.”)

Anyway, keep your eyes on this blog for impressions of the “Darth Poutine evening”!

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