Ever feel you’re traveling too fast?

There is another way to travel. It takes you off the beaten path, and into the heart of the world. It opens up possibilities you will not find in a guidebook. It will transform you into a citizen of the world.

And all you need to do is slow down.

Over the last decade, I have visited thirty-five countries, and lived in six. I’ve lived in the raw near-future dystopia of Shanghai, and in the peaceful hills of rural India. I’ve made friends from all walks of life. And the more I traveled, the slower I became. Home today is wherever the wind takes me.

Slow Travel is for everyone.

These days, mainstream articles on Slow Travel evoke month-long vacations in the Italian countryside, or meandering boat trips through the French countryside. You’d think Slow Travel is only available to the elite, who can spend tens of thousands of dollars and several months on their vacations.

The good news is, Slow Travel is for everyone. You can travel Slow on a weekend getaway to the next town over, or on a one-week backpacking trip to Thailand. No matter your budget or your vacation time, you can benefit from Slow Travel, and get to know a place from the inside, in a richer, more meaningful manner.

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