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Slow Travel means opening yourself to possibilities, and it's hard to do so when you're lugging piles and piles of stuff around. Stick to the essentials, and enjoy the resulting freedom of movement.

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y Travel on Trust and Traveling Light

Caz of y Travel Blog discusses two topics that are dear to Slow Travel: simplicity and trust. Her blog post is a great read on the effects that long-term travel (and Slow Travel!) can have on your life. Check it out. Why ...

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Socks and Sinks: Washing Your Clothes On the Road

The traveling life sounds glamorous, until you realize how many times you have to wash your own underwear in a grimy sink. Cheap laundry services and laundromats exist in a few spots, but more often than not, you’re stuck with washing ...

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Slow on the Cheap: 5 Ways to Save Money with Slow Travel

(See also Quick and Slow: 5 Ways to Slow Travel on a Tight Schedule.) One of my pet peeves with the way Slow Travel is usually depicted is that it comes across as an activity for the rich and idle. ...

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Slow Safety: Preventing Theft the Slow Travel Way

One of the key reasons people don’t try out independent travel is that they’re afraid for their safety. Many people traveling in tours or packaged holidays feel the traditional tourism structure provides them with safety and security against scams, thefts, ...

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