Breaking the Animal Crossing Addiction

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: Wild World for well over four months. It’s helpless: I’m not even touching my regular consoles anymore, so obsessed am I with completing the Museum’s fossil collection or catching the elusive coelacanth.

Well, after four months, I have actually spent a day without turning on Animal Crossing. I’m shaking a bit, but holding OK. To compensate, I’m playing Age of Empires on DS, which is, so far, an excellent Turn-Based Strategy game. We’ll see how it holds up after a while, but it’s good fun so far.

It’s a good thing too, because the Grail-like XBOX 360 is on its way to my home right now. I asked a friend to try and pick up one for me during his trip to San Francisco, but it turns out the darn thing is sold out in 16 stores there. Finally, it’s my parents who are shipping me one in the next few days.

So look for me on XBOX Live pretty soon. I’ll be polishing my skills on Call of Duty 2 and Project Gotham Racing 3. Both games are much less embarrassing to be playing during the development of Splinter Cell Double Agent than that damn Animal Crossing… One more month of play and I’d have the level design team have Sam infiltrate Tom Nook’s shop, for God’s sake!

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Daniel is a writer, backpack foodie, slow traveler, and endurance runner. He is the author of the upcoming book, "The Way of Slow Travel: A Hands-On Guide to the Best Travel of Your Life."


  1. Super-geek post. Makes me want to hate you more.

  2. Can’t you find a Xbox360 in Shanghai?
    Sounds weird to me.

    • The only X360’s sold here are from Japan… There’s no native Chinese X360’s (yet).

      Problem is, X360’s are not pirated (yet), and thus the games are region-locked. If I buy a Japanese X360, it means I can only play Japanese games… in Japanese. Plus, the launch games in Japan suck.

      So… I need a US X360 for US games. And no, they’re not available in Shanghai.

      • I hope TO GOD your US X360 won’t break down and collapse into shiny pieces, then. I guess “Returning it” would be extra-hard. I had to return mine because the unit I originally received had problems booting and it brutally punished Call Of Duty 2, to the point where the disk was unreadable afterwards. COD 2 was super bad, so you could say it deserved it, but that’s a kind of “Quality Control” that’s way too hardcore.

        But the second 360 I received does work very well. It’s so efficient at handling anything multimedia, you barely notice Fight Night Round 3 is the only quality game released for it so far. It’s very, very good, thought. 🙂

        Advance Warfighter looks really promising. You must have played it already.

        • My X360 is insured, so even if it’s a huge pain in the ass if it breaks down from handling, at least I’ll be able to get compensation. (And cry alone without a X360 at night.)

          I played a couple of X360 games… CoD2 was a lot of fun, I think. A lot of their stuff is old-gen, but for a launch title, it’s pretty damn good compared to Perfect Dork Zero.

          I did play GRAW X360… Looks like it’s gonna KICK ASS for quite a while on the X360. Multiplayer is leagues ahead of everything else.

          And I’m currently working on making everybody hot and bothered over Splinter Cell Double Agent at E3. 🙂

        • By the way, CoD2 is set to be the first ‘millionnaire game’ on X360, and since they’re a huge license and a decent title at launch, they got a whopping penetration rate of 80% at the start.

          I think they sold 800K units so far.

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