Go to China, Meet the Montreal Mayor

Whew. It’s been a hectic week… and it’s still just Thursday.

I made the last post (complaining about my 80 hours week) on Sunday night. Don’t think it was the end of it, though… Oh no. Here’s a little rundown of my week so far:

Monday: Absolutely hectic day all around, lasting from 9h00 AM to 12h30 AM. Audran, our Artistic Director, keeps humming ‘we’re not gonna make it’ all day. Insane problems continue to plague the team as journalists are 12 hours away from invading the studio. I leave past midnight, feeling guilty as hell as my team continues to work. I’m afraid my brain won’t work with less than 6 hours of sleep, and I have a press presentation the next morning.

Tuesday: Get in to work at 8h00 AM, and discover that the boys have finished at 4h30 AM. On my desk are 2 X360 development kits, all neatly lined up and labelled by the guys. They’re just the best. We present the game to 12 journalists from all over Europe, and all goes without a hitch. Big lunch at Nepali Kitchen, where I spend time schmoozing two cool guys from the UK. Back at the office, I have to hang around giving an interview and setting up a new one. I manage to leave at 7 PM.

Wednesday: In the office at 9 AM, after a tough time trying to get a taxi in the rain. I get there just in time for the arrival of Gérald Tremblay, Mayor of Montreal, on visit to Shanghai. We pose around for the cameras, and then I present Splinter Cell Double Agent to Mr. Tremblay. Radio-Canada films it, and my face is all over the evening news.

Thursday: In at 9h15, from which I proceed to do meetings and run around for most of the day. I manage to sneak in a short break when I spill some Pepsi on my keyboard and have to run to get a new one. Aaaaah… Back to the normal workday!

How was your week so far?

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