What Did You Eat Last Night?

Me, I ate Beijing duck. Oh, and a helping of scorpions.

These little buggers are a little-known Chinese delicacy, and they sure make an impression! Naturally, as the “veteran” in Shanghai, I had to lead the way and eat the first, but once the other people around the table tasted one, they usually went for seconds. I’ve tasted grasshoppers before, so for me scorpions taste of “insect” (which is good, by the way; nothing like you’d expect.) The others around the table reached a concensus, and agree it tastes like… chicken wings.

To quote my friend Mathieu, in Hong Kong, about the prospect of going back to Montreal: “When I leave here, I’m gonna miss being challenged by my food.”

About Daniel Roy

Daniel is a writer, backpack foodie, slow traveler, and endurance runner. He is the author of the upcoming book, "The Way of Slow Travel: A Hands-On Guide to the Best Travel of Your Life."

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