China Moments

Shanghai, 2003-2006: In early 2003, I quit an IT job to follow my dreams of living abroad. Fortune smiled on me, and I landed my first job in the videogame industry at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio. China Moments, my first blog, documented my first expatriation experience and my obsession with the craft of videogames.

Farewell, North Korean Style

Many of us on Splinter Cell Double Agent are being phased out of the project. Myself, as producer, I would have stayed until the very bitter end… but since I am joining a new project in October in Montreal, the ...

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Kobe Beef Weekend

Man, what a weekend we just had. Here’s the invation I sent to everyone; let’s just say it turned out to be a very accurate description… Aaaah, the life of a Kobe Beef… You spend your life immobile, eating food ...

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The Cat Goes Beep!

It’s a frantic period of late. Not only do I have to wrap up SCDA X360, but I also have to prepare my vacations and my move out of China at the end of October. I’m officially running out of days of ...

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The Crunch

Here we are. Crunch Time. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, “crunch time” is that period of a game development project where you’re entering the final stretch and working your ass off to get everything polished and functional. In some ...

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Hot Water Wars

I mentioned in the past that our apartment building has the most retarded hot water system in Shanghai – nay, in China. You see, most apartment buildings, hell, even small apartments are equipped with a small water heater. No fuss, ...

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